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What makes the cut?
Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria:
Criteria for empirical studies:
Data are reported
Dependent variable is operationally defined
Independent variable is within the scope of practice of a behavior analyst
Single subject methodology unless the author has contributed three or more articles to a behavior analytic journal
Exclusions: Correlational studies
Non-behavioral language e.g., "null hypothesis", "constructs", "5-HT" (gene labels)
Inventory results reported as dependent variable
Prevalence studies
Criteria for literature reviews:
Published in behavior analytic journal (JABA/JEAB/TBA/AVB)
OR- Author has contributed 3 or more articles to a behavior analytic journal
OR- Articles from a behavior analytic journal are reported in the literature review for analysis
Why aren't full-text articles available through Current Contents in ABA?

Full-text copies of peer-reviewed articles are property of the publisher. Providing a copy of the article through Current Contents in ABA would be breaking copyright law.

Publishers take data on how often each article is accessed. If Current Contents in ABA diverts traffic away from the publisher's website, the publisher won't get an accurate count of who is reading our literature.

So please, click through each article's link and read the abstract provided by the publisher. This will help the publisher assess the value of the article you just read. If we have found a full-text version of that article for free on the web, click through to the abstract any way. Then navigate to the other source where we found the full-text version of the article. This will help the publishers keep track of how often behavior analytic research is read.

If we don't have a full-text version listed for the article you want, contact us for ideas. We will help you in every way we can.